Evaluation & Assessment

Evaluation & Assessment Services

We also specialize in evidence-based evaluation or testing services. Our Mental Health Assessment Service considers the functioning level of the whole client; that includes the family, school, and career path within the community context.

During the evaluation process, an individualized testing plan is determined based on the unique needs of the client, and the purpose of the referral for testing to be answered within the evaluation.

Types of Assessment & Screens:

1. Level of Supervision Inventory (LSI)

This screen evaluates the criminogenic needs of clients placed in the criminal justice system. It targets family/ marital stress, employment/ education, pro-social activity and substance abuse factors.

2. Drug & Alcohol Evaluation

We provide Dept. of Motor Vehicle (DMV), court-ordered, school or employment-related drug & alcohol evaluations for both adolescents and adults. This evaluation provides a full assessment of drug & alcohol assessments that qualify for professional and scientific standards. Click the link here to access our evaluation tools: https://cocrav.adeincorp.com/interactive

3. Mental Health/Psychological Diagnosis (Mental Health Evaluations)

Through, DSM V, this evaluation method determines what is happening in the individual’s psychological life that may be blocking their ability to behave in a more appropriate and constructive manner. The results should yield a wealth of information useful to the agencies, parents, institutions — or other professionals with whom the client is associated — to make their emotional, educational and/or vocational life healthier and more satisfying and successful.

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